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    Republicans achieved a huge victory in the 2016 elections as a result of the many dedicated volunteers. Florida Republicans achieved victory again in the 2018 Mid-term elections although only by a narrow margin thanks again to an enormous effort by grass-roots volunteers who worked tirelessly to achieve a record Republican voter turnout for a mid-term election. Florida voters had an exceptionally important decision in 2018. Will they elect liberal candidates who support big-government, major tax increases including a state income tax, "open borders", sanctuary cities and abolishing ICE? Or, will voters cast their ballots in support of social & fiscal conservatives who respect constitutional values, personal freedom, limited government, tax reductions and less spending?  Florida voters chose wisely and elected Rick Scott as our US Senator, Ron DeSantis as our Governor, Ashley Moody as our Attorney General, and Jimmy Patronis as our Chief Financial Officer!

    The 2020 election cycle is already beginning and we need your help now to re-elect President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence and to ensure victory for all of our candidates.  Let’s work together to make it a "clean sweep" victory in 2020.

    If you’re willing to help us elect Conservative Republicans, please take a moment to fill out the volunteer form on this page or call our Highlands County Republican office at (863) 402-5456 or stop by the office

    REPUBLICAN PARTY OF HIGHLANDS COUNTY – 2527 U.S. 27 SOUTH AT SPARTA RD. – SEBRING FL. 33870 – (863) 402-5456 to fill out a Volunteer form

    Kathy Rapp Chairman, Republican Party of Highlands County

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    By Submitting Your Donation You Acknowledge That:

    • Contributions or gifts to the Republican Party of Highlands County are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.
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    • Contributions from corporations and foreign nationals are prohibited.
      The Republican Party of Highlands County does not accept contributions earmarked for any candidate or other committee.
    • Contributions are used to fund all Republican Party of Highlands County programs, and will be spent as the Republican Party of Highlands County determines within its sole discretion.

    If you have any questions you can reach us at (863) 402-5456.